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Home for Christmas - Product details

Home for Christmas

Just in time for the holidays, it’s Country’s Family Reunion Home for Christmas!

The last time we did a Christmas special was over 17 years ago, and while we still love that taping, we figured there were plenty more Christmas songs and memories to share, so we got together a bunch of our Reunion friends to celebrate that most joyous holiday, CHRISTMAS! All on 4 discs for just 79.80 plus shipping and handling, you’ll sit down with old friends and family sharing their hearts, their best Christmas stories, and of course, great holiday music.

 As part of the 4 discs, you’ll receive the Home for Christmas backstage DVD, with more story and song moments from behind the scenes at the atping… and there’s something special under the tree this year…

 Because so many of you have asked for an AUDIO version of the songs from our series, we are including an AUDIO CD with all the songs from the taping so you can listen to the Christmas music wherever you want!

SO, that’s both volumes of CFR Home for Christmas, PLUS the Backstage DVD AND the special Audio CD with all the songs from the series for just 79.80. That’s over 4 hours of country Christmas content.

Order your Home for Christmas package in time for the holidays for yourself, or for someone you love.  A big ho-ho-ho and Merry Christmas from all of us at Country’s Family Reunion!

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Regular Collection
DVD  $79.80

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