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Diary of a TV Waitress - Product details

Diary of a TV Waitress

When you ask a Waitress a question…you are going to get an answer. Renae the Waitress from the hit TV show Larry’s Country Diner is telling it all in “ Diary of a TV Waitress” with 16 zany chapter titles like “ That’s No Waitress”, “Squeaky Door”, “ This isn’t Burger King “ “The Counter”. “Reservations” and more.

The book is filled with photos and fun tidbits. It was written to cover the many questions ask by Larry’s Country Diner fans like….. “ Is real food served during the show”? “ Is Nadine a man”? “Is it a real Diner”? Not the typical diner questions and she answers even more questions ask over the years. Even though the show’s success seems to be a mystery to show executives, Renae the waitress has the answer.

As a special bonus 2 CD’s are included inside the hard cover book. One CD is the audio book read by Renae the Waitress herself. “There are a lot of folks who have trouble reading small print or are vision impaired. I decided to just sit down and start reading!!! I am not a professional reader but I hope our customers feel like I am right there reading to them.””

The second CD is two special songs written and sung by her husband, Phil Johnson. The first song “Renae Renae” is a cute diner song written especially for Renae and sung on “Larry’s Country Diner” as a surprise to every one. The second song “Hold Me Up” was written after their son, Justin was killed in an automobile accident. Gordon Mote performed it on the Country’s Family Reunion series “Old Time Gospel” but we’ve included the original by Phil.

And…for a limited time you will receive a FREE book mark with a Coffee Cup Charm made by Renae.

This is a special offer, which includes the hard cover book plus the audio book on CD, and musical CD with a free bookmark for $24.95 plus 6.95 shipping/handling.

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