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Lookin Back Two - Product details

Lookin Back Two

When you ask us to do something, we listen! Last year, we put together a series of shows we called “Looking Back” with highlights from over 16 years of Country’s Family Reunion. Well, we had so much more we didn’t cover, we had to do it again!

It’s Country’s Family Reunion “Looking Back Again!” Another stroll down memory lane with Whispering Bill Anderson and Larry Black. Taken directly from the TV episodes you’re watching on RFD-TV, this series highlights SO many of the country music legends you know and love. All taken from the 16 years of footage we’ve shot over the years…

You’ll get 10 episodes on 5 DVD’s which includes a special BONUS episode never before aired! So, that’s a total of 10 broadcast episodes of “Looking Back Again”—all for just 79.80 plus shipping and handling. It’s the perfect gift for the country fan in your life.

It’s amazing what all happens over 16 years, and Larry and Bill reminisce about it all—everything we couldn’t cover in the first Looking Back series we cover here, with Country’s Family Reunion Looking Back Again. Order yours today!

10 Episodes on 5 DVD’s for 79.80 plus 6.95 shipping/handling.

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DVD  $79.80

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