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Salute to the Kornfield - Product details

Salute to the Kornfield

Well, when we realized no one had ever gathered all the members of the TV show “Hee Haw” into one room and film it, we decided to do it! What we got out of that taping is incredible, once-in-a-lifetime stuff that we’re calling Country’s Family Reunion: Salute to the Kornfield! This 5 DVD series features all of the Hee Haw cast we could gather telling stories about one of the most popular TV shows of all time, plus sharing wonderful songs and laughter. And, it wouldn’t be a Country’s Family Reunion without some of your favorite country stars, many of whom played on Hee Haw when it was on TV. Some of the guests at this incredible taping include: Roy Clark, Buddy Alan Owens, LuLu Clark, George Lindsey, Gordie Tapp, Buck Trent, Don Harron, Charlie McCoy, Mike Snider, Barbie Benton, Roni Stoneman, Gunilla Hutton, Cathy Baker, Ricky Skaggs, Johnny Lee, LarryGatlin, Gene Watson, The Whites, Moe Bandy… so many people came together for this never-before-done gathering. And it’s all on 5 DVDs for YOU to enjoy. Only 79.80 plus 6.95 shipping and handling, Country’s Family Reunion: Salute to the Kornfield is a treasure of TV entertainment you’ve just got to watch. Enjoy!

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DVD  $79.80

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