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Honky Tonk 4-Disc Set - Product details

Honky Tonk 4-Disc Set

Thank you for your interest in this DVD series. We are sold out and will not receive any more of this collection. To see this series and much more, please visit www.countryroadtv.com and receive a free 3-day trial.

Did you know that some of the biggest country legends ever recorded got their start playing in places called Honky Tonks? That’s right. So we here at Country’s Family Reunion wanted to pay special attention to that foot-tapping brand of music in a brand new series, Country’s Family Reunion Honky Tonks!

All on 4 DVD’s for just $29.95 plus shipping and handling, this series features tons of artists who’ve never been to one of our reunions before—people like Tony Booth, Jim Lauderdale, Eddy Raven and others. And, of course some of your favorite reunion members showed up as well. All sharing their stories and songs from their favorite Honky Tonks.

When you order, you’ll receive all 4 DVD’s of CFR Honky Tonk with almost 6 hours of content for just $29.95.

All on 4 DVD’s with some of the most fun we’ve ever had at a reunion. So, order CFR Honky Tonk today and you’ll be singing and tapping your feet in no time. We had so much fun creating this Honky Tonk series, and we know you’ll love it too.


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