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Remembrance Package - Product details

Remembrance Package

Only Available to U.S. Customers

It’s long been our heart to honor the legacy of country music — and the legendary entertainers who started it all. As the years have gone by, we’ve chosen to bring special honor to those who passed before us. That’s why so many of our television events, DVD collections and books bring honor to the memories of the achievements and lives of these special country artists. We just don’t ever want to forget.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re offering an exclusive package that includes a unique combination of books and videos - forever capturing the humble beginnings of country music, the artists and the many never-to-forget moments of their lives.

We’re calling it “The Remembrance Collection”.

The package includes:

The Precious Memories DVD set
To honor the legacy of country music, and especially those members of Country’s Family Reunion, we've created Precious Memories, 2 DVD's and 2 book collection remembering the achievements and lives of these dear country artists. Hosted by Bill Anderson, we take a look back at some wonderful moments from our many video series, plus give you tons of facts you might not know about the legends you loved.

Grandpa Jones,Bashful Brother Oswald, Justin Tubb, Johnny Russell, Chet Atkins, Sheb Wolley, Goldie Hill, BoxCar Willie, Roy Drusky, Billy Walker, Del Reeves, Skeeter Davis, Bill Carlisle, T. Tommy Curtrer, Joe Allison, Buddy Killen, Johnny PayCheck, Martha Carson, Hank Locklin, Don Helms, Ernie Ashworth, Janette Carter, Jim McReynolds, Walter Bailes, John Hartford, Bobby Lord, Charlie Walker, and Merle Kilgore.

We top it off with a beautiful full color book full of photos and information, so these Precious Memories are captured forever.

Precious Memories Legacy Book
This book features 19 sons and daughters of the country music legends from Renae’s Precious Memories Memorial book. Renae Johnson asks them all the same question, and their answers will amaze and sometimes surprise you. What you read will bring laughter, tears and often both at the same time! It was Renae’s goal to bring honor to the children of the country legends who sacrificed so much. Missed birthdays. Graduations. Some had no time at all with them. But they were all loved!! And they knew it. This hard cover book has 128 pages, an easy read, filled with photos you will see no where else.

Precious Memories Memorial Book
This book guides you through the lives, deaths, funerals and cemetery locations of over 80 country music legends. How did they die? When did they die? How old were they? Who attended their funerals and what songs did they sing? Where are they buried? Many questions. Renae has the answers. There are over 13 Nashville Cemeteries with maps and photos for those fans that want to visit these special resting places. It includes 14 out-of-town cemeteries in the "Road Trip" section. Some of their "resting places" may even surprise you, according to author Renae Johnson. For example, did you know Jimmy Dean was placed in a 9 1/2 foot granite grand piano located on his family estate? So many of these country music legends touched our lives. You’ll love them even more with the turn of each page.

Precious Memories DVD and Precious Memory Book, Renae’s Precious Memories Memorial Book, plus her Legacy Book — exclusively available now as one collection for $119.80 plus $16.95 shipping and handling. That’s three books and two DVD’s for one amazing low price, a wonderful addition to your country legends library!

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