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Double Disc-A-Month Club

Only Available to U.S. Customers

Over 20 years of Country's Family Reunion delivered to your door... Here's how it works: For just $9.99 per month (no extra shipping) you'll receive 2 DVD's delivered to your door EVERY MONTH from our 20 year library of content-- hours of country videos you love EVERY month. With your subscription, you'll also receive a free DVD case. This subscription service allows you access to everything we've ever created, and everything we're GOING to create. You never have to return a DVD and you can cancel any time. Click the BUY NOW button to get started with the Double Disc a Month Club.


AND... if you want to get the 2 DVD's per month AND digital access to EVERYTHING we've produced on your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire, you might want to upgrade your subscription to include digital access to Country Road TV. For just an extra 5 dollars more per month (50% off normal price) you'll receive a lifetime Redemption Code (good as long as you're a Double Disc A Month subscriber) with your first set of discs allowing digital access to over 500 hours of content on our new Country Road TV channel. CLICK BELOW to upgrade your Double Disc A Month Club service to include digital. Thanks for loving TRUE country music!


If you wish to cancel your subscription, need a replacement for a damaged DVD or you found that you have placed a duplicate order, please contact our friendly customer service at 1-800-820-5405.